Ativitti is uniquely positioned to offer world class courses in partnership with leading Industry leaders in Artificial Intelligence e.g. IBM, NVidia, Microsoft, Google etc. and premier institutes like IITs with focus on Data Science & Machine Learning.

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Accelerating AI Research

With institutions, universities, & industries.

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Vitti (a Sanskrit word which means “Consciousness or Intelligence”) is very first non-profit dedicated “Centre of Excellence”(COE) an umbrella research organization for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Research & Development in India.
Vitti Research Foundation, a non-profit Section-8 company has a focus to promote Artificial Intelligence & Robotics thru Research, Training & Education, Consultancy, Projects & Products as well as Incubating & Mentoring Start-ups.
• Recognizing the importance of growing need of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in every aspect of life, have teamed up for undertaking Industry & Govt projects, consultancy, training, research and development in the areas Machine Learning, Data Analytics, IOT, Block-Chain, AR/VR/MR etc.
• Appreciating the need for creation of the large reservoir of highly qualified manpower in AI & Robotics space.
• Desiring to club their efforts by pooling their expertise and resources.

VITTI CAAIR Work in India

Establishing Multiple AI Centre of Excellence across India to be named as CAAIR (Center for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics) and working as a nucleus for furthering training, a culture of promoting research & innovation, technology development & delivery along-with incubating & mentoring Start-ups.


• Set up a platform for research in the area of Artificial Intelligence Robotics, AR, VR, MR, IOT.
• To create innovative application platform & domain capabilities across verticals for Digital India needs – Education, Healthcare, Petroleum & Mining, Energy, Smart City, Agriculture etc.
• To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.
• Build Industry capable talent, startup community and entrepreneurial ecosystem for AI, Robotics, ML working in AR, VR and MR.
• Set up a collaboration of Academia with Industry & Government to rework the technology back-ends to ensure a smooth transition to next Industry Revolution (4.0).
• Provide support for all aspects of data analytics including support for analysis of large datasets and applications of artificial intelligence (machine learning) to above areas of research.
• In the long term, the education system, industry, and policymakers adopt Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as a practice for the betterment of society.
• Start-up support & Incubation specifically for AI technologies
• IPR Life Cycle Management including its commercialization support
• The areas of cooperation can be extended through mutual consent.